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The Jingles O’Brien Scholarship Fund (“the Fund”) was founded by Michael O’Brien shortly after his father passed away in 2010. William “Jingles” O’Brien spent most of his life in the Greater Madison Area. He graduated from Edgewood High School in 1943, served in the U.S. Navy, opened the Stadium Bar in 1957; all the while playing the great game of hockey! Jingles started on the ponds of Vilas Park then eventually played competitively in state and semi-pro leagues. He loved the game of hockey all his life & also loved to give back to the community whenever he could.

The intent of this scholarship fund is to ensure Jingles’ will eternally give back to the Greater Madison Area through non-profit hockey clubs and ice arenas. It gives families in financial hardship an opportunity for their children to participate in an excellent team sport that provides tremendous exercise and a sense of belonging to a great hockey community. The Fund is about awarding good kids that give back to the club or community the opportunity to play hockey. The Fund will also award clubs directly to help promote hockey at the youth level.

The Jingles O’Brien Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that collects scholarship money through donations and fundraisers. A committee votes to disperse a determined amount each year to a number of applicants requesting financial assistance through their local non-profit hockey organization.

Registered Non-Profit: EIN# 16-1783069


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